Finding Your Dream Job - Job Application Steps!

The market is strong for both new Salesforce Admins and experienced professionals. Salesforce’s stock is doing better than ever and they are continuing to grow both their customer base and product portfolio. Landing an exciting and fulfilling Salesforce job can be a reality for anyone with a little knowledge and passion. Today in several industry sectors, there are thousands of SFDC jobs available. To be hired, one must be able to stand out from the large crowd to get the attention of a potential employer. But of-course you would want nothing less than your dream job, so why not make sure that you would get it?

Never Stop Dreaming Note

Here are a few steps you should follow to land a good Salesforce position:

Apply for the job that matches both your skills and interests

It's your job that would make or break your career, so you must pair it up with your strong points. The best way to fill fulfilled, is to make use of the talents you’ve acquired, and combine those skills with what you like doing. You will have a much easier time selling yourself the prospective employer if you feel passionate about their product, service, or industry. Plus, if your ideals are aligned, you will certainly enjoy the position much more.

Consider your goals

You have goals. You want to achieve success. These must then reflect on your job application in order for companies to see that you are determined to get that dream role. Your aspirations also give an impression that you are highly motivated to go to work and become an asset to the company. Also, try to organize your goals because they help a lot in building a concrete career search. Your goals as well lead you to sound career choices and serve as guides that keep you from getting lost during your job hunt.

Sell yourself with your resume

An important part of any successful Salesforce job application is the resume. Your resume is not just a file you submit to the company you would want to be part of-it's a piece of YOU. Design a resume that emphasizes all your strengths and expertise in selling. Include your achievements, recent work experiences, or if you have just taken up an online education, then highlight it too. Employers do not always have the time to read your whole CV, and the first thing they look for is your key competencies. Once they find that, you're immediately on their shortlist.

Please do keep in mind that your resume is the only path to get a job interview and hence to get your dream job, please do pay effort in writing an attracting and interesting resume to catch the eye of your potential employer.

Never Stop Dreaming Note

Be ready for a technical assessment

Especially if you are applying for a consulting partner or large enterprise SFDC customer, you will be asked to complete a technical use case. This can range from written responses to technical questions, to full org buildouts. Your potential employer is looking to make sure you are using Salesforce best practices and implementing the right tool for the job. Remember use Process Builder and other out of the box solutions before writing custom code.

Interviews are just a conversation

When your job application reaches the interview stage, be at your best when meeting your interviewer. Present yourself with ease, grace, and confidence. Generally, do not allow yourself to be scared by interviewers. He or she would just be inquiring more about your capacities as well as your desire to work for them. Remember, an interview is also for you to interview your prospective employer, you need to take the time to make sure the company and position is the right fit for you and your career.

Keep these tips in mind each time you submit a job application, and it wouldn't be long before you find that dream job running after you.