Getting Hired

How to Interview for a Remote Salesforce Job

You’ve built a solid portfolio, compiled an excellent application form, and landed yourself an interview for the remote job of your dreams. But don’t think that you’re home and dry just yet – the truly hard work starts now!

The interview is your chance to reinforce that positive first impression and prove that you have the credentials needed to thrive. However, the competition for remote jobs is fiercer than ever, which is why you must complete the necessary steps to maximize your hopes of success. Follow these steps, and you’ll be hearing the words “you’re hired” in no time.

Remove all distractions

You wouldn’t attend an interview with the kids or allow other distractions to stop you from making a winning impact. Whether you have a home office or you’re going to work from the kitchen table, make sure that the room is clean, tidy and free from other people. You need to have 100% focus on the task at hand.

Dress to impress

Many remote job interviews will be conducted via video conversations. But even if this isn’t the case, you should dress up as if you were completing a traditional interview. If they do need to see you, then it will help set a winning impression. If not, at least you’ve gained a winning mindset and should enjoy increased confidence.

Prepare your interview space

Nothing ruins the atmosphere like turning up late to the interview or suffering from a faulty line. If using the phone, choose a landline. Ensure that your computer is up and running ahead of time, and make sure you have a notepad ready to make any notes. Otherwise, you may find that the whole thing falls apart.

Show an understanding of remote working

To land this job, you don’t simply need to have the skills for the assignments. Showcasing your ability to work autonomously or as part of a digital collaboration will go a long way to securing the employer’s trust. Make sure that you master the various tech devices and software that may be required during your employment too.

Do your research

Working remotely means that you have fewer opportunities to pick up the brand ethos and company culture. Therefore, conducting background research can prove to be highly beneficial. Not only does it show a genuine desire to land the job and attention to detail, but it’ll also give you the perfect platform to build a rapport.

Load yourself with good questions

Your primary goal is to prove yourself to the employer, but you still need to know that the role is right for you. Ask whether they already have other remote employees, how they conduct communication, and whether there is any flexibility regarding hours. Those answers could help settle your mind.

The Final Word

There are plenty of additional elements that may be unique to the job role itself. Nonetheless, presenting yourself as an organized, confident person with the requisite skills and discipline needed to thrive in a remote working environment should be top of the agenda.

Achieve this, and your hopes of getting hired will be better than ever.