Roles Different Salesforce Positions

Salesforce is one of the most prominent CRM software and cloud computing services. Many employers specifically search for people with Salesforce experience and expertise to help them meet their needs. You can discover a range of different roles related to the use of Salesforce, some of which are focused on end-user procedures for Salesforce, while other roles are more focused on developing Salesforce technology. Some of the positions you might come across include administrators, developers, engineers, and architects. But what is the difference between these positions, which all have knowledge of and experience with Salesforce at their core? Try this brief guide to understand some of the positions.

Salesforce Administrator

A Salesforce administrator takes on a role that is designed to manage and organize a Salesforce system. As a customer relationship management tool, Salesforce can help to fill a lot of business needs. However, it can also be complicated to manage, and businesses need the right people to ensure they're getting the most out of their use of Salesforce. An administrator might manage security, users, groups and other important things to keep the software working for everyone. They can also be asked to ensure that Salesforce is meeting the business's needs, addition of custom fields, update page layouts, develop reports, deliver training, and much more.

Salesforce Developer

Salesforce developers take on a slightly more technical position when it comes to working with Salesforce. They help to make Salesforce more valuable to a business by building custom solutions, integrating third-party APIs and perhaps managing technical support. They will often work with other developers who are responsible for other software and tools, such as Angular, a JavaScript-based web application framework. Salesforce developers probably have some previous experience working with various other applications and technology, which makes it easier to work with other tools.

Salesforce Engineer

Some technical roles might also be advertised as engineer roles, rather than developers. When you look at job descriptions, these will often look similar to developer roles. Sometimes, an engineer is the same thing as a developer, but some employers also make a clear distinction between the two roles. Some experts say that an engineer has an educational and experience background that is more rooted in engineering principles. They use scientific methods for analysis and to come up with solutions to problems. There can be crossover between developers and engineers, so reading the job description is usually best.

Salesforce Architect

A salesforce architect or technical architect is another technical role that can involve a variety of responsibilities. Architects help to design and develop technical solutions for Salesforce, as well as deliver essential solutions. They can provide guidance on technical matters too and might be asked to work with other architects and play the role of the Salesforce expert on the team. Architects might be asked to work on improving workflows, developing automated solutions and even help with things like segmenting audiences for campaigns.

There is often a lot of crossover between different Salesforce technology positions. When you're looking at job openings, make sure you read the job description thoroughly to understand the requirements and responsibilities.